Technical Management

Marvin Ship Management is reputed for high level of technical expertise. Our technical team comprises Indian and international engineers of the highest calibre with decades of experience in their respective field. All technical matters are in line with the company policy, handled proactively and preventive measures taken accordingly. This is the simple reason that the vessels under our management go for dry-dock without keeping any surprise for the owners.

Under the strict vigilance and monitoring of our highly qualified and experienced superintendents, we ensure that each and every vessel under our management is maintained at her top condition at all times.

All vessels under the management deploy the Computerized Maintenance System; linked with ship/shore communication for updating databases and is integrated with our office-based software, ERM Anywhere for efficient communication. This enables information to be shared between vessels and shore offices, providing reports and statistics essential to onboard management and safety, thereby assisting our superintendents to monitor and evaluate the status of the vessels' performance at any given point.

This also enables our principals to view the day-to-day performance of their vessel through the net while sitting anywhere in the world. Our Technical Superintendents also inspect vessels at a regular period of two to three months to monitor the performance first hand. The company strictly adheres to the budget agreed mutually with the Owners and any saving in the budget is readily returned to the Principal. This is possible due to the strict proactive policy of maintenance, supervision and execution of procedures. Our superintendents are authorized and encouraged to take responsible decisions pertaining to their vessels such that no maintenance is hampered for lack of proactive decision.

Each superintendent at shore is assisted by a technical assistant and purchaser to source all requirements of the ship at the most cost-effective manner. Due to the company's outstanding record of professionalism and business practices, we enjoy a highly competitive rate from various vendors and suppliers and the benefits have been passed on to our Principals.

We offer expert services in specialized vessels like chemical tankers, crude and product tankers, open hatch bulk carriers, gas carriers and panamax bulk carriers. All our chemical tankers have passed all the oil major inspections with an average of 95 per cent and regularly trade in areas like US, Japan, Europe. The company's computerized accounting system is simple and straightforward and particularly geared towards providing swift information to the principal. It is also particularly equipped to provide an owner his accounting in the format he or she understands best.