Maritime Security Services

Marvin Ship Management specializes in a wide range of maritime security services and solutions that are based on extensive knowledge and experience − both in theory and in action.


We offer you our partnership and professionalism, handled honestly and with flexibility and speed, giving you the peace of mind to conduct your business safely.

On Board Security

Marvin Ship Management core service is commercial merchant vessels protection, against all threats at sea, especially against maritime piracy.

We believe that for Commercial Shipping Vessels, we need to ensure a safe voyage with cost effective solutions.

We provide our clients with well appreciated peace and quite so they can conduct their business in the HRA and focus on anything but security.


Marvin Ship Management teams are equipped with state-of-the-art security equipment which is selected by our Intelligence & Equipment Manager and is in line with Military Forces' standards and the maritime industry's most stringent requirements.

- Body Armor with ceramic plates
- Helmets (same as used in special units)
- Flashlights
- Night Vision Goggles (Military grade ability)
- Optical Devices for the firearms
- Laser Devices to deter pirates at night
- Long Distance Goggles
- Radio Communication Devices
- Imarsec / Iridium Satellite phone
- Head Mounted Video Camera Recorders
- Special Operators Gloves
- Signal Flares Pen
- Security Forces Identification Hats
- Seagull's Uniforms
- Eye Protection Glasses
- Comprehensive First Aid Kit